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Pre COVID19 Sunday services 10:30 a.m.

Virtual alternate Sunday services 10:30 a.m. Contact the church secretary (and provide a phone number) for internet link details at (Mesabi.UU@gmail.com).

September 27 "A New Kind of a Ride: Looking to the Future" by Rev. Eric Northard

Past Fall 2019 services below

Sept 8 Our Connection to Food - Jenna Ballinger
One's connection to food, whether it be growing it, eating it, or cooking it is one of the strongest we have to ourselves and others. Come to learn and share that deep connection during our annual Harvest Service. Please feel free to bring a dish that has significance to you to share at the potluck after the service. We will also incorporate the Water Ceremony into our service, so please bring water from a source of your choice.

Sept 15 Lessons to Learn - Rev. Eric Northard
Sometimes we are painfully slow to get it. The world around us is full of wisdom and lessons and we, as a religious community, are a key player in educating our own faith community as well as our larger community. How can we make the lessons we teach have a lasting and meaningful impact?

Sept 22 Kuan Yin: Buddhist Goddess and Bodhisattva of Compassion
- Rev. Dr. Carol Hepokoski
Kuan Yin started out as a male figure in India and later was recognized as androgynous and then female in China. She has evolved and transformed as she's traveled throughout Asia and into the Western World. What might we learn from Kuan Yin?

Sept 29 Why Are We Here? - Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
What I mean is: Why are we here, in church? What draws us to gather, and keep gathering, together? How is church on a Sunday morning a countercultural, courageous choice?

Oct 6 The Act of Reflecting - Rev. Eric Northard
This week, the Jewish community marks Yom Kippur which is the holiest day of the Jewish calendar. Also known as the Day of Atonement, it is a time for individuals and communities to reflect on how actions have impacted individuals and communities. No matter what your traditions or beliefs may be, it is always a good practice to be reflective and understand where we have fallen short and how we can be better, more connected, vessels for grace in a world much in need.
Oct 13 Animals of Our Lives - Steve Johnson
We are but one animal in the grand ecology that we call earth. What role do animals play in your life? Food, companion, nuisance, family? We will take some time to visit about animals and the roles they may play. While actual pets are not invited, photos of them are welcome.

Oct 20 Biimadiziwin: The Good Life - Rebecca Gawboy
Finding the spiritual path and fostering and adopting children....raising them in their own culture.
Oct 27 Simply Pray - Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
A Unitarian Universalist who prays? To Whom? Or What? And for what? Does that concept of prayer make sense to us? Today, let us consider an expanded notion of what prayer might mean for us.

Nov 3 Councils, Crusades and Reformers: History of Christianity from 1054 to 1600 C.E.
- Rev. Ellen Taube
The Roman Catholic Church, the Crusades, and the Protestant Reformation are reviewed.

Nov 10 Listen! What Do You Hear? - Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
What do we hear? To what, or whom, do we truly listen? Our world is a jumble of sounds. How do we make room for silence? Or the still, small voice within?

Nov 17 And Despite it All . . . - Rev. Eric Northard
Let’s face it, we live in a challenging time. It’s easy to get despondent and yet, this is the season to remind ourselves of the importance of gratitude. How can we capture this in a world where we see so much that seems askew? This is important for each of us, as clear links between well being and gratitude have been well documented. Together we will explore how to keep gratitude in our minds and hearts, to help us navigate the world around us.

Nov 24 What Do We Believe About God - Congregation
UUs have many ways of naming what is sacred. Some believe in a god or a goddess or God. Some believe in a sacred force at work in the world, a spirit of life. Today we will consider the existence of a higher power in Unitarian Universalism. Resources will be provided for those present to share in presenting the service.

Mesabi Unitarian Universalist Church
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