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First 2018 Fall Service - Sept. 9

Services - September 2018 - December 2018

September 9 "Water Ceremony Begins Our New Church Year" Jody Guy Krulc
This summer, did you fish in a trout pond? Did you paddle a swift river? Did you swim in a cold blue lake? Did you surf the tumbling waves of the ocean? Did you feed a thirsty garden? Bring your waters and your stories as we come together again to nourish our souls.

September 16 "Feed Our Bodies. Feed Our Souls" Jenna Ballinger and Janene Glyn
Join us in celebrating the end of summer with a garden meal. We'll be grilling outside as well as cooking in the kitchen. Feel free to bring any of your own garden vegetables if you wish. If you have a portable grill, that will be welcome as well. This service will be set outside, so bring your bug spray and sun tan lotion!

September 23 “Back Together in a Holy Place” Rev. Eric Northard
In this service we will explore what makes a place sacred or holy. Place can have a powerful impact on our lives. We will look at special places and how they influence our lives and our sense of wholeness.

September 30 "Oh, Had I a Golden Thread" Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
A reflection on vision, creativity and poetry. How are we a people of imagination, anticipation, discernment, insight?

October 7 "Life's Blessings - Experiencing Our Favorite Things with Gratitude” Rev. Eric Northard
Do we remember to give thanks for the great things in our lives? What do we love and how do we give thanks for them? During this service we will reflect on gratitude.

October 14 "Relationship is the Root of Everything: Indigenous Perspective on Land, Prayer and Community " LeAnn Littlewolf (Anishinabe/Leech Lake Nation of Ojibwe) will reflect on the relationships we hold and how this can connect us with our spiritual center. LeAnn will share the relationship between land, prayer, and ceremony from an indigenous perspective. Please bring a rock with you as we explore relationships.

October 21 "Would You Harbor Me?" Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
A sanctuary is meant to be a safe place, even a sacred space, ensuring welcome and shelter for all within. How safe are we? In our community? In our worship space?

October 28 "This I Believe - About Death" Doug Gregor
Last year, Doug facilitated a service with 5 MUUC members who shared their core beliefs with us. This year, Doug and a group of MUUC members share their beliefs, perspectives, questions on death. Please bring a small memento in honor of a loved one who has died.

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November 4 “Juvenile Justice: Is social accountability important and if so, to what extent should that apply to children?" Sharon Chadwick
This service will be from the perspective of a Delinquency Prosecutor and will address what we think we know about children's brain development, the social values associated with our care of children, and some case studies illustrating what actually happens in Delinquency Court.

November 11 "What Does it Mean to Belong?" Rev. Eric Northard
During this service we will look at being members of our liberal religious denomination. How do we benefit from our voluntary association and what does this ask of us? We will celebrate our affiliation and look to strengthen our ties with religious liberals in our community and beyond.

November 18 "Oh, We Give Thanks" Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
"We have religion when we have an abiding gratitude for all that we have received," writes UU minister Ralph Helverson. Gratitude is a spiritual practice, one in which we daily express our thanks to those around us and to life itself.

November 25 "Let us Give Thanks for Our Own Creativity" Mary Erickson
Some of us acknowledge our creative natures, others maintain we have none. Today we are thankful for the creator in all of us and what we learn about ourselves through creating. Do you design or bake or write (documents or poetry)? Did you create your own business? How do your gardens grow? Is your creativity borne of an artistic or practical nature? In this service, we will share our creative gifts and connect with our creative spirits.

December 2 “ Seven Points to Civically Engage" Steve Johnson
Often, people have opinions and want to see change - they just are not sure how to take the first step. These seven points will give you the key to making a difference in your community.

December 9 "Moving Beyond Chaos" Rev. Eric Northard
We are now well into the holiday season. All of the rush and chaos this season brings is well upon us. How can we find meaning while navigating the many stresses this season can bring?

December 16 "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen" Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
An old Christmas carol beckons us to rest, to find comfort and joy in this time of unrest. More recently, I have come across the phrase "rest assured" in a variety of places. Where is our assurance? Where is our rest?

December 23 "In Celebration of the Winter Holidays" Siyanda Elizabeth
Two days after Winter Solstice and two days before Christmas, we gather to reflect on this pivotal time in the natural world and the church year. Bring your memories of holiday times and we'll weave a tapestry of celebration.

Dec 25 SPECIAL EVENT 10:30 Christmas Morning Mimosa Brunch
A very informal gathering of folks who each bring a food item to share with others. We visit, share stories and, if we're lucky, someone brings a guitar or plays the piano. There is no program or other structure. Simply people coming together to be together. Everyone helps clean up and we go on our merry ways!

Dec 30 "The Calendar Changes. Do We?" Toni Nemanick
Today we will take time for a review of what 2018 meant to us and share our hopes and dreams for the new year. What do we want to take with us into 2019? What will we leave behind? (Fire may be involved.) What changes have we experienced and what got us through hard times? Did we easily celebrate life's joys? Who makes resolutions? Let's refresh and renew.

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