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April and May 2017 Services

April 2 “Religion in 5 and one half Objects” Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
How do we bring religion, or our spirituality, alive to our five senses? I base this sermon on S. Brent Plate’s intriguing book about the embodied practices with which we sanctify; make holy and whole and purposeful our lives.

April 9 Inter-generational Art Exploration Marlise Riffel and Steve Johnson
We will be exploring art in all forms and how it can affect people. Bring some art supplies; we will also have some media available to use.

April 16 Easter Sunday Family Brunch
Bring a brunch dish and an Easter tradition or story to share.

April 23 “Nurturing the Spirit, Honoring the Earth” Rev. Eric Northard
During this service we will share readings, poems and music relating the wellness of the spirit with the wellness of the earth. On this Earth Day weekend it is right and good that we give pause to reflect on this Earth that gives life and beauty.

April 30 “What Makes a Good Citizen” Steve Johnson
As a Virginia City Council member, Steve will discuss what makes a good citizen on the local level. He will share a bit of his own story and engage in discussion of how to make our corner of the world a better place.

May 7 Annual Meeting Congregation
After a short service we will proceed with our annual congregational business meeting. At this meeting new officers and board members will be elected and the 2017-2018 fiscal budget will be approved. Come practice democracy in our congregation. We will also have a ribbon cutting ceremony for the completion of our lift project.

May 14 “What are We Doing to Renew Ourselves” Rev. Eric Northard
During this service we will explore “Body, Mind and Spirit,”What are we Doing to Renew Ourselves”. As we enter into the summer season we have cause to look at how we can use our summer to renew and refresh ourselves physically, intellectually and spiritually. We may take a break from our regular routines, but the summer offers each of us an opportunity to grow and seek balance in our lives. Let’s vision together about making this a great summer!

May 21 Flower Communion
Each person will add a flower to form a bouquet symbolizing the beauty and the uniqueness of every individual. At the end of the service the flowers are redistributed to each congregant. Bring a flower if you have one, or use what we have available.

July 30, 2017 Annual Picnic at Lake Leander
Bring a chair and a dish to share along with your own plates and flatware. If it’s a warm day, bring your swimsuit.

Mesabi Unitarian Universalist Church
Virginia, Minnesota, USA