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Services for Nov & Dec 2017 and January 2018

November 5 "Doing the Right Thing - Responsible and Responsive Volunteering" Rev. Eric Northard
What does it mean to be of service? What motivates us to give to others and to offer service to our community? Our congregation has many active members who give generously to the community and are highly engaged in civic service. During this service we will explore how we strive to help the community and the world, and we will investigate which sorts of efforts are the most effective catalysts of change.

If you forgot to turn your clock back an hour and arrive at the church early; please open the doors, put on the coffee, turn on the hot water, unlock the outside door to the lift, turn up the heat and sit back and enjoy the quiet. The rest of us will arrive soon!

November 12 Hindu Festival of Lights Intergenerational Janene Glyn
We will be celebrating the Hindu Diwali Festival of Lights. We will have an introduction to Hinduism with the focus on Diwali. Bring a tea light candle for the altar. Multigenerational service, kids may dress in Hindu costumes if available.

November 19 “To Venture Out: Courage in Our World” Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
What holds us back? Holds us down? From where do we get the strength to go out and do what needs to be done? How are we courageous?

November 26 “Hands at Work Volunteering in South Africa” Kathy McQuillan
Kathleen fulfilled a life-long dream of visiting Africa in May of 2016 when she traveled with a team of ten volunteers with “Hands at Work”, a faith-based South African nongovernmental organization dedicated to serving children orphaned by the AIDS epidemic and other causes. The “Friends of Mwaiseni” team spent one week in Zambia, working alongside 20 village care workers in the program they sponsor through monetary donations that provides primary education and one nutritious meal daily to 150 children. Her presentation will share stories and photos of her time in Zambia as well as her two week stay in South Africa, visiting the Hands Headquarters in White River and touring the Cape region of the country.

December 3 “And Yet We Hope” Rev. Eric Northard
This Sunday marks the beginning of the season of Advent in the Christian community. The first theme celebrated among Christians during advent is HOPE. Perhaps this is one of the greatest of all the gifts that faith and the human spirit has bestowed upon us. Even in challenging times and seemingly against all odds, we can remain hopeful if we are open to receive this gift. Today we will reflect on hope, and how hope impacts each of our lives.

December 10 “False Hope and True “ Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
What is the proper balance between wishful thinking and hope grounded in reality? In what, or in whom, do we place our faith, trust, hope? What does it mean to be a people of hope?

December 17 “The Beliefs That Sustain Us: Traditions and the Solstice” Mary Erickson
With four days until the solstice, Mary will discuss the significance of the Himmeli (straw mobiles). We will explore the meaning and beliefs associated with the winter solstice around the world and discuss our own experiences and traditions at the beginning of the winter season. After the service, you are invited to make a small himmeli decoration (bout 10 minutes) which can be taken home or added to our Christmas tree.

December 24 “Christmas Eve in the Morning: Lessons of the Season” Rev. Carol Hepokoski
A celebration of the winter holidays in story, song, poetry, music and more. Your participation is warmly welcomed; please be in touch with Carol if you have a favorite reading, story or piece of music you’d like to share. This is a multi-generational service.
You are invited to bring a Christmas food that is traditional to your family for the potluck following our service.

December 31 New Year’s Eve Party
Instead of a morning service, we are going to have a church New Year's Eve party! Plans are still in the early stages but, be assured that those of you who want to come and share a late afternoon/early evening meal can do so and still make it home in time to be asleep long before the clock strikes 2018. Anyone who wants to ring in the New Year MUUC style: bring sleeping mats, pillows, blankets and sleepwear. Activities could include games, music, skits, dancing, crafts, variety show and, of course, noisemaker mayhem at midnight.

January 2018

January 7 “Moving Forward, Looking Back, but Always Moving” Rev. Eric Northard
It has been said of Unitarians and Universalists that we do not stand, we move. Looking at our history there is much truth to that statement. Our tradition has had to re-express itself in many different ways in differing times while at the same time remembering who we are and where we would like our faith to lead us. Today we will look at where we have been and do some visioning for our hopes for this year and beyond.

January 14 “Everday Beauty” Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
In the white and gray and brown and black of winter where do we find the beautiful?

January 21 Intergenerational Service We will have an intergenerational service in which the children and youth will select the songs, the readings and everything else. This service is a work in progress and we should all come and learn, enjoy and be amazed. The advisors for the service will be Professor Marlise and Professor Jody.

January 28 “The Sixth Sense and Sixth UU Principle” Siyanda Elizabeth
Reflections on how the human abilities that extend beyond the physical body relate to the sixth UU principle and influence the goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all.

Mesabi Unitarian Universalist Church
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