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Services for February and March, 2018

February 4 “How to Move a Mountain: True Grit” Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
Sisyphus pushes that rock up a hill throughout eternity. What is it to persevere? How strong is strong enough?

February 11 “A UU Look at Love” Rev. Eric Northard
We Unitarians and Universalists are a rational people. The use of reason, after all, is one of our basic principles. So how do we handle it when love casts its fiery passion into our very hearts? How can we balance reason and passion? And how do we navigate these challenging times as norms and relationships evolve? We may not answer all of these questions during this service, but we will share and explore where our hearts and our liberal religious tradition have brought us.

February 18 “Joyful and Humble: Stories of Early Christianity” Rev. Ellen Taube
Using as reference "Octavia: a dialogue on Christianity between the Pagan Cecelia Natalie and the Christian Octavia Januarius." "Octavia" is an early (2nd Century) writing in defense of Christianity by Marcus Minucius Felix. Written for educated non-Christians, the arguments are borrowed chiefly from Cicero, especially his "Concerning the Nature of the Gods", and Christian material, mainly from the Greek Apologists.

February 25 “A UU’s Perspective on Death and Dying” Cherie Bridges
In our quest to live intentionally, how can we become more comfortable talking about and preparing for our own death? How will we die in a way worthy of our lives? What legacy will we leave behind? Laced with humor, Bridges offers practical suggestions that address a variety of end-of-life issues. Cherie is a member of the UU Congregation of Duluth.

March 4 “Mental Health Stigma” Jenna Ballinger
We’ll be discussing mental health stigma and how we can combat it in our everyday lives. This goes with the first UU principle, the inherent worth and dignity of every person. Please be aware this topic may touch on heavy subject matter.

Note Turn Your Clocks Ahead at 2:00 a.m. March 11
March 11 “The Ins and the Outs and the UUs” Rev. Eric Northard

Who are we as a people in the 21st Century and with whom do we stand? Power and privilege in American society is an often contentious topic. Where do we fit in? Unitarians and Universalists have been deeply steeped in American history and have a rich and enduring legacy in progressive American political and social movements. Are we the "Ins" or the "Outs" or somewhere in between? Must we side with one or the other? Or can we be bridge builders bringing people together? Good questions! Great discussion anticipated!

March 18 “Unfinished Business Is Balance Possible?” Rev. Suzanne Wasilczuk
Light and dark. Health and illness. Joy and grief. Peace of mind and distracted thought. Is balance a chimera, an idle fancy of our imagination?

March 25 “Divided We Stand” Marlise Riffel and Leah Rogne
We live in an era of divided and divisive politics. Is there a path to understanding? Using sociologist Arlie Hochschild’s concept of a “deep story” and linguist George Lakoff’s concept of frames, we’ll explore differences with an eye toward understanding.

Mesabi Unitarian Universalist Church
Virginia, Minnesota, USA